Boundaries are pertinent to all life domains. They emerge in all relationships, within ourselves, and in all settings - such as social settings, work, school, home, etc. Having good, clear boundaries are a necessity for self-preservation, assist in getting needs met, maintain healthy relationships, and uphold appropriate respectful interactions. As a necessity, boundaries whether good or poor, deserve to be brought to awareness, communicated, and appropriately adjusted. In order to preserve good boundaries sometimes action is needed, with or without explanation. Having a limit, knowing when enough is enough, saying “no,” appropriately working on getting needs met, and doing what is needed to respect boundaries comes with the territory. This is all crucial to self-care. When surrounded by people who respect and encourage this level of self-care for themselves and for others, it is easier to maintain good clear boundaries all around while getting needs met simultaneously.

By: Marbie Descatamiento

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