Will therapy help me? How do I know if I need therapy and is it is right for me? 

Seeking help can be  a daunting task. Asking for help is not always easy. Getting the help you need and reaching out can be conducive to healing and recovery. Therapy is a resource for anyone who wants support and guidance. It can help alleviate symptoms, increase healthier ways to cope and improve relationships. It can ignite self-growth, healing and improved quality of life. It can serve as an intervention to improve overall functioning.  Therapy can be used throughout life for numerous reasons unique to every individual. Therapy is useful to anyone who utilizes it and when ready to engage in this process. 

How long will I be in therapy for?

There is no clear answer for how long you will be in therapy for. It will be based on your goals and what you want to work on. It will be based on how your progress looks like, how long you feel like you want to be in therapy and if you want to continue therapy. As a therapist, I will be working closely with you. You and I will develop a therapeutic relationship and alliance working together towards your goals in therapy. This therapeutic relationship takes time to foster and strengthen. This is another factor to consider when wondering how long therapy lasts.    

What will the focus of therapy be?

Therapy will focus on whatever  you want to focus, and around your goals. I can provide psychotherapy for both mental health and substance use.  I can also process with you any unresolved trauma and work with you on eating disorder recovery, or body image concerns. 

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