Per 50-minute session costs $100. I do not accept insurance at this time. I do offer a sliding scale fee upon discussion of financial needs. I currently accept payment in cash and credit card. You have the option of making a payment after or before session. Upon request I can provide a 30-minute free consultation over the phone or in person for any questions you have, and to see if we are a good fit.  I am available for sessions on Sundays from 8am to 8pm.     

If you decide to reach me and start a first session please first email or call to schedule. For our first appointment we will review and sign required paperwork to begin a therapeutic relationship. Please arrive 20-30 minutes early to read them and fill them out. You may do so in the waiting room.  The Disclosure Statement and Notice Of Privacy Practices contain important information about my practice. This includes our financial agreement and HIPPA release form. These two forms include your rights as a client. The Intake Form contains a series of questions that include details about yourself, your background, and reasons for seeking therapy. This form is useful for me to learn about you and your life that can be valuable to treatment. It gives me a sense of your life history through your written words.  It provides me with a sense of where you are at in life and where you  are coming from at the start of therapy. 


150 Nickerson Street, Suite 203, Seattle, WA, 98109, United States, (206) 486-5563, centralhealingtherapy@gmail.com