We all have times in our lives where it can be difficult and a struggle. We all have times when old wounds and new wounds arise. We have inherent strengths, self-determination, and resiliency to aid in recovery, overcome adversity, heal and live a meaningful, fulfilling, empowered life.

Therapy is a safe and trusting environment where you work on yourself, gain understanding to who you are, build yourself, identify and work towards your goals and become the change you desire to be. It is a time where you reflect on yourself, your past, your present and your future. It is a secure place where you get to talk and process your daily life. It is a safe space for processing feelings and emotions. Therapy can reopen old wounds. Therapy is a place to safely and comfortably look at these wounds to find ways to heal them. Therapy is a process that is conducive to healing and recovery. It is a learning opportunity for personal growth and exploring ways of living life healthier and fulfilled.  

Therapy session is your time. I will work with you on what you want to work on. As a therapist I will do my part to ensure a safe space, warmth, unconditional positive regard, listen, provide the support you need, validate your feelings and experiences and not judge. I will closely alongside you go on a journey of creating paths and gaining skills to get to where you want to be, who you want to be, healing through feeling and being the change you want.  

My therapeutic style is eclectic and a blend of humanistic, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and strengths-based. I incorporate mindfulness based practices, dialectical behavior therapy, and motivational interviewing. I also offer body-based therapies for trauma healing, including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy and Lifespan Integration (LI) therapy. I practice cultural sensitivity where a client's own cultural background and identity is recognized and honored. 

As a therapist I will be collaborating with you and structuring therapy around your goals and what you want to change. My perspective on therapy is a learning opportunity to explore strategies for living a full and happy life. Whatever changes you want to make will be the focus of our work together. 

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